Tools of the Trade

There are several “must have” items for every home bar. This includes both bartending tools as well as glassware. You can scrape by with nothing but plastic solo cups, but if you actually want to create cocktails, you need the proper glassware and tools. Your one stop shot for quality barware on a budget is IKEA.

The Tools

For $19.99, you can get all the essential tools in a single set for bartending called the OLEBY. You get:

  • Ice Bucket
  • Ice Tongs
  • Bottle Cooler
  • Traditional Shaker
  • Jigger (used for measuring)

This all in one set is a great place to start, put I personally prefer Boston Shakers to the traditional shaker included in this set. A Boston Shaker is a stainless steel cup which fits over a standard pint glass to create a shaker. You also will need to purchase a cocktail strainer if you go with the Boston Shaker. A simple Boston shaker and strainer goes for about $10. I prefer the Boston shaker because it is versatile, efficient, and very easy to clean. In the end, its really a matter of personal preference.


To start off your collection of glasses for cocktails, there are three types of glasses that are absolutely essential.

The Highball Glass. The RÄTTVIK is a glass with clean lines and a touch of modern flair. Ikea has it priced at $1.99, and although there are cheaper highballs available, the RÄTTVIK will stand the tests of time (and alcohol).

The Old Fashioned/Whiskey Glass. At 10 oz, Ikea’s FRASERA is the perfect addition to your cocktail collection. It feels great in the hand, nice and solid as any whiskey glass should be. Price? $2.49

Martini Glass. The OPTIMAL glass at Ikea has clean simple lines, and is exactly what comes to mind when you picture a martini glass. This is a classic and a steal at $2.99.

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