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Merry Christmas! or Another Bourbon Holiday

It’s Christmas Day.  The presents have all been unwrapped and the many meals have been eaten.  So what should you pour into your glass?  Well if you live in the US, the answer is almost certainly bourbon.  There is a

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Technically Saturday: The Differences Between Bourbon and Whisk(e)y

The distinction of  what the differences between bourbon, whiskey, and whisky really are is often a confusing subject for people.  When I saw this set of info-graphics prepared by Maker’s Mark, I thought it would be a great opportunity to

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The Scientific Differences between Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey

In honor of National Bourbon Heritage Month, I thought a bit of disambiguation would be interesting.  When people think of American whiskey, most assume that Jim Beam (a bourbon) and Jack Daniels (a Tennessee whiskey) are essentially the same product

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How to Drink Whiskey According to Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed has its own way of doing things.  When they compile lists of the best cocktails and spirits, they often miss obvious drams in favor of finding elaborate pretty drinks that few bars will never serve.  Does this make for

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Sunday Funday: How to Make Fireball Whiskey at Home!

If you ever had atomic fireballs as a kid or had a shot of fireball whiskey, you know there is nothing quite like the burn of cinnamon.  And while I live fireball whiskey and think it is a well made

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