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Friday Night Shoot-Out: How to Make a Mind Eraser

There is almost nothing quite like a brain freeze-that cold sudden jolt to the brain after eating or drinking something really cold a little too quickly. Well, put more aptly, there is nothing except the Mind Eraser. The Mind Eraser

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Friday Night Shoot-out: How to Do a Tequila Shot

While most of the shooters on this site are a complex combination of spirits and liqueurs aimed at producing a shot with a unique and amazing flavor, this shooter uses just one spirit: tequila! The Perfect Tequila Shot 1.5 oz

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Friday Night Shoot-Out: How to make the Kamikaze

It has been a while since I last posted and in my absence I realized that there was a category of drinks missing from this blog: shooters.  While shots can be as simple as pouring straight liquor into a glass,

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Nick McAfee
Nick McAfee is a student of Princeton University and is passionate about mixology. As a student with a low monthly income, he has developed ways to create simple cocktails with complex flavors from inexpensive ingredients. Learn more about Nick and Broke & Thirsty.
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