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How to Make the Airmail Cocktail, or celebrating the state of US-Cuba relations

The news of improved relations between the USA and Cuba was one of the best and most unexpected presents I got this holiday season.  As a fan of both rum and cigars, the idea that getting Cuban products in the

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Easter Candy Infusions! Or a more interesting way to enjoy candy than eating it.

Today is Easter Sunday, a day that has become synonymous with a vast abundance of themed candies.  Candies like Peeps and jelly beans may not seem to have a lot in common at first glance, other than their inherent sweetness,

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How to Make the Old Cuban, or The Best New Years Eve Cocktails!

Champagne and other sparkling wines have become ubiquitous with New Year’s Eve, and all of the posts leading up to the new year will use that amazing ingredient.  Sparkling wine is not a well known cocktail ingredient, however it can

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The 7 Best and Worst Bottles of Cheap Rum

There are a lot of different rums on the market and it is a spirit, like vodka, that is very well represented in the cheap spirits category.  Yes, there are plenty of premium rums but arguably the most popular rum

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Ladies Night: How to Make a Strawberry Rum Smash

It can be hard to find the right balance of sweet and sour on a hot summer day.  Although you may normally prefer sweet drinks, if a drink is too sweet in the heat it is not enjoyable and instead

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How to make the Mojito, or the Oldest Cocktail Ever! (probably)

That’s right, the mojito is quite possibly the oldest cocktail in the history of the world. It all started with sugar, mint, limes and aguardiente (an early precursor to rum) and a cocktail called the Draque in the 16th Century.

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Shark Bite Time!

It’s shark week on the discovery channel!  That great week of magnificent beasts and absolute carnage.  But what will you drink as your eyes are glued to the television? The Shark Bite 0.75 oz Spiced Rum 0.75 oz Light Rum

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What’s in a Name? The Cuba Libre

Are you afraid others may think of a rum & coke as only good enough for frat parties and dive bars?  Luckily for you, all you need do is learn a new name: the Cuba Libre. Such is the power

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How to Make the Daiquiri, or Pretending You Live in the Tropics Because it’s HOT.

As the heat wave hits the Southeast US, many of you are probably wishing for something to make it bearable.  There is a drink that is made for such tropic levels of heat and humidity, a cocktail that was the

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Nick McAfee
Nick McAfee is a student of Princeton University and is passionate about mixology. As a student with a low monthly income, he has developed ways to create simple cocktails with complex flavors from inexpensive ingredients. Learn more about Nick and Broke & Thirsty.
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