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How to Make Ice Cream Shooters, or getting into the National Ice Cream Day spirit!

Happy National Ice Cream Day!  National Ice Cream Day has been the third Sunday in July (National Ice Cream Month) since it was proposed in Joint Resolution 298, which was sponsored by Senator Walter Dee Huddleston of Kentucky on May 17,

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How to Make Cowboy Coffee, or the perfect boost to survive hump day.

It’s hump day, the middle of the week is here, and none of us really feel like getting up in the morning.  We are all familiar with brunch cocktails and whether you are a fan of mimosas, bellinis or bloody

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Technically Saturday: How to Make Honey Whiskey at Home!

For those who are a fan of flavored whiskey’s, cinnamon and honey are the two kings.  While cinnamon whiskey offers a great burn and burst of flavor, honey whiskey presents a smooth sweetness that is hard to beat.  In a

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Merry Christmas! or Another Bourbon Holiday

It’s Christmas Day.  The presents have all been unwrapped and the many meals have been eaten.  So what should you pour into your glass?  Well if you live in the US, the answer is almost certainly bourbon.  There is a

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How to Make the Seelbach, or a Festive Cocktail from the Heart of Kentucky!

I love bourbon, but around the holidays, there are few drinks as festive as champagne.  There is something about popping the cork off a champagne bottle that adds ambiance to any celebration.  So bourbon and champagne, why not make a

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Sunday Funday: Cocktails Inspired by Boardwalk Empire

The HBO show Boardwalk Empire is an amazing drama and it’s prohibition-era setting makes the issue of cocktails even more interesting. I’ve been meaning to do a post on a couple of Boardwalk Empire inspired cocktails, but the great folks

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The Scientific Differences between Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey

In honor of National Bourbon Heritage Month, I thought a bit of disambiguation would be interesting.  When people think of American whiskey, most assume that Jim Beam (a bourbon) and Jack Daniels (a Tennessee whiskey) are essentially the same product

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Sunday Funday: The Copper Series Finale Cocktail

Tonight the 2nd season of the BBC hit Copper ends and with this season,  the entire show.  To celebrate the episode and give you a drink to sip on, I have put a little American twist on a cocktail which,

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How to Make a Bourbon Shaketail, or making delicious things even better!

Just as a great meal can change your day, I have always found that the right drink can make a world of difference. Ever since turning 21 I have wholeheartedly embraced combining pleasures like cocktails and milkshakes. After all, guilty

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Nick McAfee is a student of Princeton University and is passionate about mixology. As a student with a low monthly income, he has developed ways to create simple cocktails with complex flavors from inexpensive ingredients. Learn more about Nick and Broke & Thirsty.
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