It’s Tiki Monday! How to Make the Port Antonio

February 13, 2017 Broke & Thirsty 0

Hailing from the Caribbean island of Jamaica, the port antonio is perfectly balanced tiki cocktail that makes excellent use of the spicy liqueur falernum. Falernum has been featured in a number of the other tiki cocktails on broke and thirsty and is one of my favorite tiki ingredients. Furthermore, falernum is perfect for making tiki cocktails feel winter appropriate with warm notes of clove and allspice. This port antonio balances the falernum with the acidity of lime and sweet coffee liqueur. This rum forward tiki cocktail is not to be confused with another rum based cocktail also called the port antonio which features a generous portion of grenadine. Far less fruity and with expertly balanced sweetness, this port antonio is sure to be enjoyed no matter what the season.

Throwback to Classic Cockails: How to Make the Alexander

February 9, 2017 Broke & Thirsty 0

The alexander is one of those classic cocktails that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Overshadowed by its successor the Brandy Alexander, this rare combination of gin and cream is smooth beyond your wildest dreams. It was also the personal favorite of John Lennon. So let’s be real, if this cocktail was good enough for the legendary Beatles co-founder, you really do need to try it! Alexander 1 ounce Gin 1 ounce Creme de Cacao 1 ounce cream ¼ egg white Begin by filling a cocktail glass with ice and setting aside to chill. Optimally you will have two shakers to make the alexander. The first shaker you will fill with ice. Pour in the gin, creme de Cacao (preferably white), cream, and egg white. Shake with ice till chilled. Next strain this concoction into the second ice-free shaker. Now dry shake the cocktail for a good thirty seconds – Learn More

Mississippi Planter's Punch #2

It’s Tiki Monday! How to Make Mississippi Planter’s Punch #2

February 6, 2017 Broke & Thirsty 0

Tiki cocktails often inspire innovation and variations.  It is one of the aspects of tikidom that make it so rewarding to explore.  In addition to delicious cocktails of course. Well occasionally innovation gets a bit carried away, and we find variations on a variation with variation.  The Mississippi Planter’s Punch #2 is just such a cocktail. Hailing from Fant’s Restaurant in Coral Springs, Florida, this tiki spectacle improves on both the classic Planter’s Punch and the Mississippi Planter’s Punch to create a ridiculously fruity concoction. While certainly over-the-top fruit is the biggest flavor in this juicy cocktail, lovers of spirits will enjoy the balance achieved with a wonderful mix of rums and bitters.

Brandy Crusta

Throwback to Classic Cocktails: How to Make the Brandy Crusta

February 2, 2017 Broke & Thirsty 0

Rumored to be the origin of the popular Sidecar, the brandy crusta is unquestioningly one of the oldest cocktails. Created in the 1850s by an Italian bartender named Joseph Santini in New Orleans, the brandy crusta even predates the famous sazerac in the world of calling card cocktails. A well balanced yet citrus forward cocktail, the crusta can also be made with either gin or whiskey, however brandy brings out the classic flavor profile. Brandy Crusta 1½ ounces Cognac 1 teaspoon Orange Liqueur 2 dashes Angostura Bitters 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice 1 teaspoon simple syrup rim with sugar garnish with 1″ curl of lemon peel Begin by filling a cocktail or coupe glass with ice. Then set the glass aside to chill. Now fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour in the cognac, orange liqueur, bitters, lemon, and simple syrup. Orange Curacao is traditionally used, but triple sec will also Then Learn More

New Orleans Planter's Punch

It’s Tiki Monday! How to Make New Orleans Planter’s Punch

January 30, 2017 Broke & Thirsty 0

Yet another riff on the classic planter’s punch, here we see a wonderfully minimalist cocktail from New Orleans that brings the punch back to its simple roots.  The highlight of this edition is in fact the addition of Peychaud’s bitters. These bitters were created in the late 18th century by an apothecary named Antoine Amedie Peychaud who worked in New Orleans.  Today, Peychaud’s bitters are made by the great Buffalo Trace Distillery. Peychaud’s Bitters may have a secret recipe but the biggest difference is its light character.  Considerably less bitter than most of its counterparts, Peychaud’s has an aroma of tutti-frutti, licorice, and flowers. Although best known in the sazerac cocktail, Peychauds is a versatile bitters used throughout the New Orleans cocktail scene. For this planter’s variation, the bitters become the star and elevate this simple take on the classic punch to new heights in tikidom.

Throwback to Classic Cocktails: How to Make the Brandy Alexander

January 26, 2017 Broke & Thirsty 0

Brandy Alexander is one of those rare cream based cocktails that offers up a beautiful balance of texture, flavor, and sweetness. Many cocktails that include cream are relegated to an existence as only a dessert cocktail, but not so for the Brandy Alexander. There is a wonderful presence of brandy throughout the entire experience.  It wonderfully features it’s namesake spirit with a subtle and smooth sweetness that brings out the best aspects of a well oaked brandy. Based on the classic Alexander cocktail, the shift from gin to brandy as the base spirit couldn’t have a greater effect. This is a truly unique cocktail that is best savored on a cold winter day.

The Last Word Cocktail

Throwback to Classic Cocktails: How to Make the Last Word

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Not every cocktail can be made for cheap, but some expensive cocktails are the worth the cost.  The last word is just such a cocktail. Made green and delicious by the inclusion of a liqueur known as chartreuse, the last word is a cocktail that can’t help but make you relax. This cocktail may have a modern feel to its formulation and flavor profile, but I assure you this is truly an old fashioned drinking featuring a very old liqueur. The complexity of the cocktail lies in the liqueur, which is a secret herbal recipe kept by an order of monks for centuries. It almost sounds like it is a legend, but it is in fact entirely based in fact.  And the otherworldly brilliance of chartreuse is perhaps best demonstrated in this exquisite cocktail.

Don's Own Planters

It’s Tiki Monday! How to Make Don’s Own Planters

January 16, 2017 Broke & Thirsty 0

We have seen a classic planter’s punch cocktail before, so why cover a second version? Well planter’s punch is one of those tiki cocktails that has spawned such an array of variations that many of them need to be appreciated in their own right. Think of planters as a sort of martini of the tiki world, the type of cocktail that can harkon back to the original – at least in name – while exploring a myriad of flavors and characters. This fine edition is brought to us by the great Don the Beachcomber himself.  Don had a twofold innovation for this drink.  First, he added a splash of club soda to add bubbles and lighten the drink a little.  Then, he added a honey mix to give more depth and character to the punch.  All told, this is a fantastic tiki cocktail that isn’t as fruity as many planter’s Learn More

Upscale Paloma

How to Make the Upscale Paloma, or reinventing the Mexican classic

January 13, 2017 Broke & Thirsty 0

The traditional paloma is a Mexican classic, by far the countries favorite cocktail.  The margarita doesn’t even come close.  But as homey and fun as it is to sit down with a bottle of tequila, a bottle of grapefruit soda, some limes and some salt and making palomas as you drink them, the cocktail begs for a bit of attention.  An upgrade to the very basic ingredients.  A promotion from the mundane to the sublime. While I will never turn down a traditional paloma and the process of making them is half of the fun, this “upscale paloma” offers a modern take on the Mexican favorite. Using fresh juices, a touch of sugar, and finished off with a bit of CO2, the upscale paloma is a welcome variation to an incredibly popular cocktail.

Sidecar Cocktail

Throwback to Classic Cocktails: How to Make the Sidecar

January 12, 2017 Broke & Thirsty 0

The sidecar is one of the great classic brandy cocktails.  And like many old cocktails, while it’s origins are mysterious, there are plenty of stories. By most accounts the sidecar was created slightly after World War I by George Smyth near London, likely in Claridges or Savoy. However there is another account, which I would rather believe. This renditions tells that the cocktail is in fact the invention of an American army captain. This captained was stationed in Paris during WWI and ordered this cocktail so often that it was named after his primary mode of transportation:  a motorcycle sidecar.  No matter when this drink was created, it is a lovely brandy cocktail (traditionally made with cognac) that is just as good today as it was during the great war. Sidecar 1½ ounces Brandy ¾ ounce Orange Liqueur ¾ ounce lemon juice garnish with an orange quarter or lemon twist Learn More

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