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Breaking Bad Finale Cocktails or A Shot as Strong as Blue Sky

September 29, 2013 Nick McAfee 0

Breaking Bad’s famous crystal blue meth in the show has many names: Blue Sky, Fring’s Blue, Big Blue, and Blue Magic.  The more important fact is that it is 99.1% pure.  While I would love to make a cocktail that was equally pure, the fact is that there would be almost no room for any flavor.  And of course the other problem is that the strongest commercial spirit, Everclear, is only 95% alcohol.  The solution (no pun intended)?  Make a drink that is 99.1 proof.  I present you with a shot of Blue Sky. The Blue Sky Shot 1 oz Everclear 0.25 oz Peach Schnapps 0.74 oz Blue Powerade This shot is smoothest chilled, so shake all ingredients with ice and pour into a shot glass.  This runs the risk of lowering the proof (it will, there is no way to prevent dilution), but makes this shot burn a lot Learn More