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How to Make a Martinez, or that cocktail on NBC’s Ironside

The Martinez is a classic cocktail.  So classic in fact that it is believed to be the cocktail that evolved into the Martini.  It is also, sadly, almost entirely forgotten.  So you can imagine my surprise when the cocktail got

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How to Make the Mint Julep, or falling back in love with a Southern classic

You are stuck on a desert island and all you have besides an ample supply of food and clean water are mint plants, sugar, and bourbon. First, you are one lucky castaway and second, you are going to be drinking

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Let’s have a Round of Pisco for Peru!

Originally posted on Lords of the Drinks:
Since today is Peruvian Independence Day the theme for the day is Peru. Today it’s Peruvian Independence Day and for this occasion we’ll make today a theme day. But let’s not get ahead…

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25 Reasons Why Alcohol Should Be Served at Work

Originally posted on Lords of the Drinks:
There are plenty of reasons why alcohol should be served at work. Most employers don’t allow their employees to drink at work. The general assumption is that people would be less productive when…

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Have you seen Tom Collins? A Bar Prank Gone Viral

The concept of something going viral before the time of the internet may be hard to grasp for some.  But the truth is a good joke could travel quickly across the nation and even the world.  Such was the rise

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