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The 7 Best and Worst Bottles of Cheap Rum

October 22, 2013 Nick McAfee 5

There are a lot of different rums on the market and it is a spirit, like vodka, that is very well represented in the cheap spirits category.  Yes, there are plenty of premium rums but arguably the most popular rum in the world, Bacardi Superior, is less than $20/handle.  This makes rum a very interesting category ripe for a review.  But with all spirits, for every good spirit, there are half a dozen spirits who are not worth their weight in sand.  Today we are going to focus on white rums, the staple mixing rum which is essential for every home and professional bar. The Four Best Bottles of Cheap Rum 4. El Dorado 3 Year White Rum This rum is the cheap version of El Dorado 12 Year and it is clear from the nose to the taste that a lot is gained through the aging process.  The nose Learn More

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Sunday Funday: Picking the Spirit that is Best for You!

August 25, 2013 Nick McAfee 0

There are a lot of different types of spirits and for each type there is an exponentially expanding number of brands.  The micro-distillery business is just getting started, so how do you know what is just good marketing and what is actually a good spirit that you like?  There is a simple three step process to picking your favorite spirit which I will share for you now! Do Your Research: Before you ever go to buy a bottle or go to a bar look at a wide array of reviews on the type of spirit you are interested in purchasing to see what they recommend.  The trick to finding meaningful reviews is finding reviewers you share the same taste as.  I recommend looking for reviews of two brands you know you love and find a couple of reviewers who love them just as much as you do.  Once you have Learn More

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The Top 6 Bottles of Cheap Bourbon

July 24, 2013 Nick McAfee 6

Earlier this year during the storm of the Maker’s Mark dilution scare, Buzzfeed did a ranking of cheap bourbon replacements for people who appreciated Maker’s Mark. The problem I have with their list is that their definition of cheap costs a lot more than mine. I now present the top 6 bottles of truly cheap bourbon. (6) Seagram’s 7 Crown This cheap bourbon has seen a lot of love and perhaps even a bit more hate. A favorite of frat boys and anyone else in search of a cheap mixing bourbon, Seagrams 7 has quite a following of fans and haters. Truth be told, this isn’t a complex whiskey. And it is just a blended American whiskey, not specifically bourbon. It’s just good ole simple American bourbon with a strong burning finish. And at $14 a handle, you get what you pay for. This is a cheap bourbon whose cost Learn More