How to Make a Coffee Stout Flip, or fortifying stout with greatness

March 3, 2017 Broke & Thirsty 0

When it comes to beers, coffee stouts are routinely some of my favorites. Beer isn’t as cheap an ingredient as many liquors. But sometimes the flavor profiles just beg to be used in a cocktail. Like the seasonal 865cc Coffee Stout from the good folks at DuClaw Brewing Company. Hands down the best coffee stout I have ever had the pleasure of drinking, the smooth deep notes of coffee and malt blend beautifully with the oak from the bourbon and velvety smoothness from the inclusion of the egg. Eggs can be a controversial cocktail ingredient due to health risks, but the alcohol should kill off any bacteria that could cause you harm. In this case, the sheer brilliance of this cocktail and amazing flavor profile is well worth any risk you may incur.

Hot Buttered Spiced Ale

How to Make Brown Butter Spiced Ale, or the rise of the Beertail

December 2, 2016 Broke & Thirsty 0

It isn’t often that we get to use ale in cocktails, but it is an ingredient that really should be used more.  For one, beer is pretty cheap if you are smart about how you shop (read: sales!) and there is a vast variety of styles and flavors.  From the simplest light beer to the most complex barrel aged imperial stout, there is a depth of untapped craft flavors that need to be included in more cocktails. So to start off that trend, we will make an even more inconceivable cocktail with beer: a hot cocktail. As it happens, beer is just as suited to hot cocktails as spirits and wine. And with so many craft favorites, the possibilities are endless. Brown Butter Spiced Ale 6 ounces Ale 1 ounce Brandy 1 tablespoons unsalted butter, browned 1½ tablespoons dark brown sugar ⅛ teaspoon ginger ⅛ teaspoon nutmeg ⅛ teaspoon cinnamon garnish with Learn More

How to Make a Strawberry Beer Lemonade, or strawberry soda all grown up

September 30, 2016 Broke & Thirsty 0

I love strawberry soda.  I have since I was a little kid.  This fun little cocktail may not pack much of an alcoholic punch, but it sure is delicious.  Combining all the best aspects of strawberry soda with lemonade and a bit of beer, this cocktail cocktail puts shame to all the overly sweet malternatives made by companies like Smirnoff and Mike’s Hard.  This is a refreshing drink that both the beer connoisseur and the little kid at heart can enjoy. Strawberry Beer Lemonade 6 ounces Beer (preferably a witbier or blonde) 1½ ounces strawberry simple syrup 1 lemon, juiced garnish with a lemon wedge or fresh strawberry Choose a tall glass such as a collins or highball glass. Pour in the strawberry syrup (see below) and squeeze in the lemon juice. Add some ice and stir until chilled.  Top off with a beer of your choice and stir again. Garnish Learn More

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Happy Newman’s Day! Or the perfect excuse to drink 24 beers in 24 hours.

April 24, 2014 Nick McAfee 0

Today is a special day for beer lovers.  Not because it is a day about great beer, but because it is a challenge involving beer.  For today, 4/24, is Newman’s Day.  The day is rumored to have started because of a quote by the late beer-loving actor Paul Newman in a speech to college students: “24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case.  Coincidence?  I think not!”  Although the actor himself did not approve of the tradition, Newman’s Day has grown to have quite a strong following, especially at Princeton University and Bates College, where students have been rising to the challenge for decades. The basic rules for completing a Newman’s Day are as follows: You must consume 24 beers in the 24 hour between 12:00am and 11:59pm on April 24th. One beer should be consumed each hour. You are not allowed to sleep at all during this time. Learn More

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An Interesting Look at European Wages in the Universal Currency of Beer

January 24, 2014 Nick McAfee 0

With all the different currencies and costs of living, the value of the minimum wage can be difficult to understand.  The obvious solution that has so long eluded economists?  Measure it in beer!  The above graphic depicts the number of beers that can be bought in each European country based on the minimum wage and national costs of beer.  The clear winner?  Belgium, with a staggering 1028 beers per month.  For more details, checkout the original article.

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Technically Saturday: Your Guide to Types of Beer

January 18, 2014 Nick McAfee 2

Although this blog doesn’t often discuss beer, it is occasionally used in the cocktails.  Talking about beer as though it is all the same is just about as oblivious as assuming that every distillery that produces whisk(e)y,  be it in America, Canada, Ireland, Japan or Scotland is exactly the same.  Only beer is even a bit more complicated than that.  There are seemingly countless types of beer, and it can be difficult to get a grasp on them all, but I stumbled upon a great resource the other day that gives a great  short description of each type of beer.  I grabbed a quick screenshot of types of beer and encourage you to learn more over at the great beer blog The Perfectly Happy Man.  They also have some fantastic beer photographs and a large database of craft beer reviews.  Enjoy!

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How to Make Irish Hot Chocolate, or Drinking Warm Booze as not to Freeze!

January 7, 2014 Nick McAfee 0

With most of the US pretending it is Alaska, the weather is far too cold for just your average cocktail.  We need something served hot, something delicious, and something with more than your average share of booze.  The perfect drink for this occasion, without a question, is Irish Hot Chocolate. Irish Hot Chocolate 1 (12-ounce) bottle Guinness 1/4 cup cocoa powder 1 tablespoon granulated sugar pinch kosher salt 3 cups whole milk 4 ounces milk chocolate chips 4 ounces bittersweet chocolate chips 4 ounces Bailey’s or other Irish cream liqueur 4 ounces Irish whiskey (optional) garnish with marshmallows Unlike most of the cocktails we have covered in this blog, this drink is easiest to make in a large batch and also takes a bit of time, but is well worth the effort.  Begin by boiling down the Guinness over high heat in a small saucepan until there is only 1/2 Learn More

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Sunday Funday: DC Beer Week! or how to drink amazing craft beer on the cheap

August 12, 2013 Nick McAfee 0

Sorry for this late post and for a general lack of posts this weekend. But there was a reason for my absence: I was helping out with the great week long event that is DC Beer Week! But why should you care about DC Beer Week? Three words: cheap craft beer. I spent yesterday volunteering for a great brewery tour called the DC Brewline that was organized by the Washington City Paper and Reston Limousine. We toured six great local breweries and learned a lot about the brewing culture that is just starting in DC. Now enough about me, lets get to the good part: the beer. The world has a lot to look forward to, because after talking to all the great brew masters at breweries such as DC Brau, 3 Stars, Port City, and Bluejacket, there are some great little known beers that are being produced and even Learn More

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Celebrate! It’s International Beer Day!

August 2, 2013 Nick McAfee 1

Today is International Beer Day! Okay, it sounds awesome, but what does it really mean and what is it for? International Beer Day was founded in 2007 by a couple of guys named Jesse Avshalomov and Evan Hamilton who appreciated friendship and beer and decided the world should have a day of celebration. Starting with a couple bars and pubs and spreading to more and more locations each year. According to the official IBD website, the purpose of this great day is threefold: 1) To gather with friends and enjoy the deliciousness that is beer. 2) To celebrate the dedicated men and women who brew and serve our beer. 3) To bring the world together under the united banner of beer, by celebrating the beers of all nations and cultures together on this one remarkable day. Right…so the third part might seem a bit far fetched. But guess what? It’s Learn More

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5 Childhood Favorites All Grown Up

August 1, 2013 Nick McAfee 0

This guest post is by my good friend Mars who is one of the few people I know as crazy about cocktails and bourbon as I am.  Although a techie by day, by night Mars is quite the talented bartender and loves experimenting with whatever spirits are on hand to both create and recreate great drinks. …………………………………………………………… I may be 22 years old but I am someone who has kept all of her stuffed animals and even my “blankie” from when I was younger.  I take grilled cheese sandwiches very seriously and Monster’s Inc. will remain on my short list of favorite movies for years to come. So as I get ready to move across the country and start my life in the “real world” as an adult, I wanted to look back towards my childhood staples and see which ones had also grown up and that I could take Learn More

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