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This blog focuses on exploring cocktails in a new light. While there are many recipes and tips on the web for making good cocktails, no one has decided to discuss what is absolutely necessary to make the perfect cocktail and whether expensive ingredients actually make them better. Broke & Thirsty gives you the information you need to always have the perfect drink in hand while still keeping money in your pocket.

About the Author

Nick McAfee is a graduate of Princeton University and has a passion for creating awesome cocktails. He was trained in bartending through Princeton University Formal Services and by Shelton Jackson of the Top Gun Bartending School. On a tight budget, he has developed ways to create amazing cocktails with complex flavors from inexpensive ingredients.

*Disclaimer: Neither this blog nor the author is affiliated with any manufacturer or other company related to the alcohol industry. All brands and products discussed here within will receive honest reviews based on personal taste.

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