How to Make a Coffee Stout Flip, or fortifying stout with greatness

Coffee Stout FlipWhen it comes to beers, coffee stouts are routinely some of my favorites. Beer isn’t as cheap an ingredient as many liquors. But sometimes the flavor profiles just beg to be used in a cocktail. Like the seasonal 865cc Coffee Stout from the good folks at DuClaw Brewing Company. Hands down the best coffee stout I have ever had the pleasure of drinking, the smooth deep notes of coffee and malt blend beautifully with the oak from the bourbon and velvety smoothness from the inclusion of the egg. Eggs can be a controversial cocktail ingredient due to health risks, but the alcohol should kill off any bacteria that could cause you harm. In this case, the sheer brilliance of this cocktail and amazing flavor profile is well worth any risk you may incur.

Coffee Stout Flip

  • 2 ounces Bourbon
  • 3 ounces Coffee Stout
  • 1 ounce simple syrup
  • 1 egg
  • garnish with fresh nutmeg

Begin by grabbing a cocktail shaker and pouring in the bourbon, stout, and simple syrup. Next up is the egg.  I personally am not a huge fan of the taste of egg yolk, but traditionally the whole egg should be added. I prefer to just add the egg white. Dry shake – no ice – until the egg is fully combined and begins to froth. Add ice to the shaker and, you guessed it, shake again. Once chilled, strain the flip into an old fashioned glass filled with ice. Garnish with fresh grated nutmeg  (ground nutmeg will work in a pinch) and serve. Sip on the elegance of this stout flip and marvel at its wonderful texture. Rich and fulfilling, this flip also makes for an amazing hair of the dog cocktail and pairs beautifully with brunch.

What Bourbon Should I Use in this Stout Flip?

I chose to go with Old Grand-Dad Bourbon for this cocktail.  The notes of caramel, spice and oak add a nice profile to compliment the coffee stout. Old Grand-Dad is a great step up from Evan Williams Black Label, offering a bolder flavor profile for only a little more expense. It should be noted however that Evan Williams is an excellent and inexpensive bourbon in its own right that I often use when I want to make cocktails more affordable.

Another great “upgrade” is Buffalo Trace. Made by the purveyors of the best bourbons on the planet (Stagg, Pappy, you name it, they make it) there are few better “bang-for-the-buck” bourbons.  There are plenty of great cheap bourbons that are even more cost effective though and for big batches, grabbing a couple handles of Evan Williams or my personal favorite McAfee’s Benchmark Old No. 8  (also made by Buffalo Trace) are definitely a good way to go to make this coffee stout flip.

What Stout Should I Use in this Flip?

As I mentioned before, I made this cocktail for the DuClaw 865cc Coffee Stout. It is simply the best coffee stout out there. When you are using a beer in a cocktail, use the best flavors you can. Beertails are still a strange concept to many people, so keep the minds open by blowing them away. However since this coffee stout is seasonal and only has limited distribution, others must be considered. Another great option is the Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout out of Narragansett Brewing Company. Although less strong on the coffee, this stout is smooooooth and can be found for just over a dollar a can.

Total cost per drink? ~$1.65

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