The Best Tropical Champagne Cocktails for NYE

December 30, 2016 Broke & Thirsty 0

The weather on New Years Eve can vary greatly depending on where you live. But whether you are bundled up in a bulky jacket or sitting under a palm try to watch the fireworks, tropical cocktails are a great way to make any setting feel more fun.  And what could be more fun than adding a bit of bubbly to sweet tropical flavors? Bubbles make everything better and the bubbly makes each drink feel more like a NYE cocktail. If you want to keep the price down, but your spirits, high, than I highly recommend choosing Andre California Champagne. It’s price tag is unbeatable and it excels in these incredibly flavorful cocktails. So what are you waiting for? Grab some rum. Grab some champagne and a lot of fruit, and get ready to party like its actually warm. The Airmail This cocktail is, shockingly enough, a product of a Bacardi Learn More

5 Classic Cocktails for NYE

5 Classic Cocktails Perfect for NYE

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With 2017 just around the corner, it is time to reflect upon the year behind us.  And what better way to reflect than with five amazing classic cocktails that are perfect for your NYE festivities? Perfect for any upscale event or when you don’t want to wait for the bubbly to chill, these tried and true favorites offer a little bit of something for everyone.  So checkout the five perfect classics for your NYE party.  Think another cocktail should have made the list? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Best Classic Champagne Cocktails NYE

The Best Classic Champagne Cocktails to Celebrate NYE!

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Champagne and New Years Eve are about as requisite as any holiday can get. When you were a kid there was always that monumental NYE when your parents deemed you old enough to partake in the bubbly. And while today sparkling wine may seem like a necessity for any NYE party, that makes it no less special. For those that want to make their champagne a touch more interesting, there is a wonderful ensemble of cocktails that has formed over the years. Running the gambit from bitter to sweet and weak to fortified, there is a classic champagne cocktail for everyone. Which champagne cocktail is your favorite way to celebrate the new year? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

It’s Tiki Monday! How to Make Planters Punch

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Planter’s punch is one of those tiki classics that have so many variations  it is hard to pick which is truly the “most classic” rendition.  So instead of fretting about whether it is really the first, we are going to go with this popular 1960s planter’s punch from the famed Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills, California. This behemoth of tiki punches has all the classic elements of tiki: multiple rums, lots of fruit, and plenty of sweetness with just enough depth to keep you interested in a second. Easy to make and easier still to drink, this planter’s punch offers an excellent middle-ground between alcohol and sweetness. The perfect punch for any celebration, this tiki classic will add a bit of island cheer during even the coldest winters.

Classic Christmas Cocktails

Classic Christmas Cocktails, or adding a little tipple to the holidays

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Christmas day has found us. And with the holiday season comes the opportunity for festive indulgent cocktails.  Cocktails that you may not drink on a daily basis, but are perfect for this festive setting.  I’m talking everything from eggnog to that expensive last word that you absolutely love.  Hey, it’s green, that totally fits the Christmas theme! Here are several classic cocktails that are perfect for your holiday celebrations.

Hot Christmas Cocktails

Six Hot Christmas Cocktails to Warm Up the Holidays

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Christmas is a time of merriment. And what is merriment without a couple of cocktails to pass away the hours?  These great hot cocktails will keep you warm inside and out, the perfect choice for a chilly Christmas eve or a snowy Christmas day. Hot cocktails are an often overlooked category, but hot chocolate doesn’t have to just be for little kids!  Add the right blend of spirits and you can create an entirely new experience made that much better since it was based on a childhood favorite. So turn on the stove, put on the kettle, and try out these delicious hot Christmas cocktail favorites. Hot Buttered Rum With an intriguing yet potentially dubious name, the Hot Buttered Rum is at its heart a delicious blend of melted vanilla ice cream, butter, sugar and a generous splash of your favorite rum.  Like your drinks sweet? Use a 2:1 ratio of Learn More

Spicy Kahlua Hot Cocoa

How to Make Spicy Kahlua Hot Cocoa, or heating up a seasonal favorite

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When I stumbled upon a tasting for the new Chili Chocolate Kahlua, I wasn’t expecting to like it. While Kahlua has its place in cocktails like the white russian – any cocktail that is a favorite of The Dude can’t be all bad – but otherwise I find it to be a bit sweet for my tastes.  Well this chili chocolate is a whole different character.  The heat in this liqueur is serious fire.  No hint of chili, this is a full on blast right in your face.  Impossible to ignore; hard not to fall in love with.  This chili is complimented by subtle notes of chocolate and coffee which round of this liqueur into a fast favorite. Although it may not be the most versatile liqueur, Chili Chocolate Kahlua will not disappoint when added to cold weather favorites like homemade hot cocoa. Spicy Kahlua Hot Cocoa 1½ ounces of Learn More

Bourbon Spiked Eggnog

Throwback to Classic Cocktails: How to Make Bourbon Spiked Eggnog

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As I have said before, bourbon is truly the Christmas spirit. There are so many excellent holiday cocktails that can be made with bourbon that at least in the United States, it makes perfect sense. While there are hundreds of variations on the classic eggnog, this simple recipe is one of my favorites. Perhaps in no small part because it chooses bourbon as the base spirit.  Some eggnog recipes call for two or three different kinds of alcohol, but why not keep it simple?  To me an eggnog should be minimalist. A simple pleasure enjoyed without being overpowered by three different spirits. Instead appreciate the caramels and oak from the bourbon alongside this wonderfully spiced cocktail. And marvel at the complex of flavor that can be achieved by only a few ingredients. Now raise your spirits as you raise your glass and sip away on this holiday favorite. Bourbon Spiked Eggnog Learn More

Chartreuse Swizzle

It’s Tiki Monday! How to Make the Chartreuse Swizzle

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A tiki cocktail without rum? What is this nonsense.  But surely it at least has gin or brandy or some other standard spirit.  You couldn’t be more wrong.  The chartreuse swizzle is a classic example of just how great a cocktail can be when utilizing a liqueur as the only spirit in the cocktail. But then again, chartreuse isn’t just any liquor. It is in fact the only liqueur that has a color named after it, and costs a staggering $60 a bottle.  So how can such a cocktail be featured on Broke & Thirsty? Because sometimes the price is worth the experience and the chartreuse swizzle is an experience you don’t want to miss. This is unquestionably my new favorite cocktail. Chartreuse Swizzle 1 1/2 ounces Green Chartreuse 1 ounce pineapple juice 3/4 ounce lime juice 1/2 ounce falernum Garnish with a mint sprig and/or freshly grated nutmeg Swizzles, a Learn More

Hot Buttered Rum Batter

How to Make a Hot Buttered Rum, or a cocktail with melted ice cream

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When the cold months come, endless chilled cocktails can become a bit oppressive. No matter how flavorful or how much they remind of summer, sometimes classic cocktails are just a little too cold.  For times like these, there is no substitute for a hot cocktail. One of my favorites is the hot buttered rum batter. At its core, the rum batter is a uniquely opulent concoction consisting of melted ice cream, sugar, butter, warm spices and generous splash of rum.  That is it.  It is that simple.  From this great base, you can tailor it to your desires.  Want to make your own ice cream base? Yup, that works great. Want a boozier drink? Add some more rum. Want to try a crazy flavor? Your imagination is your limit to what this hot cocktail can become. Hot Buttered Rum 2 ounces Rum 2 tablespoons buttered batter (see below) 8 ounces boiling Learn More

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