How to Make Ice Cream Shooters, or getting into the National Ice Cream Day spirit!

Bourbon Ice Cream ShooterHappy National Ice Cream Day!  National Ice Cream Day has been the third Sunday in July (National Ice Cream Month) since it was proposed in Joint Resolution 298, which was sponsored by Senator Walter Dee Huddleston of Kentucky on May 17, 1984.  It was signed into existence by President Reagan, in perhaps the least controversial decision he ever made.  Conservative or liberal, everyone loves ice cream!  To celebrate this day and honor the state of Kentucky which Senator Huddleston represented, here is a simple recipe to turn your favorite ice cream into a shooter, with a little help from our good friend bourbon.

Bourbon & Ice Cream Shooters
  • 1 ounce Bourbon
  • 2 ounces of your ice cream of choice
  • garnish with chocolate chips or sprinkles
  • Tools: a whisk & a generous portion of elbow grease

Place both the bourbon and ice cream in a bowl.  Now it is time to whisk them together.  To make this process a bit easier, you may want to mash the ice cream with a fork or even cut it into smaller pieces with a knife before whisking.  Once fully combined, you will have a very thick milky syrup.  Pour this into a shot glass and stick it back into the freezer to cool and solidify.  Due to the high alcohol content (~20%) the mixture will not completely freeze but rather reach a consistency somewhere between a milkshake and a slushie – this should take about one hour.  Once thick enough, remove the shooter from the freezer, garnish with chocolate chips or sprinkles and enjoy!

I recommend using either vanilla or dark chocolate ice cream, but feel free to be as creative as you want.  Vanilla brings out the vanilla notes already present from aging the bourbon in oak barrels, whereas the dark chocolate with its deep rich flavor will balance out some of the bourbon’s sweetness.  If you have caramel ice cream, that could also lead to a great combo if you use a bourbon with a high wheat mashbill such Makers Mark (the most famous), Weller (the best quality), or Rebel Yell (the cheapest).  Wheaters are known for their caramel forward taste and overall smoother “soft” flavors.  For a nice summery twist, try peach or mint ice cream.

Flaming Ice Cream ShooterNot a bourbon fan?  Well lucky you, your liquor cabinet is the limit when making this simple shooter.  Other great spirits to try would be spiced rums, brandy, flavored vodkas, fruity liqueurs, or even a nice strong scotch.  Want to increase the shock and awe factor?  Make it fire and ice cream by floating a little everclear or 151 on top, then light with a match! Have fun experimenting and feel free to comment with your favorite flavors!

If you want to get a bit fancier and take this shooter to the next level, check out this great recipe by Cheeky Kitchen – ice cream cone shot glasses?!  what’s not to love?


Total cost per drink?  ~$0.44

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