Easter Candy Infusions! Or a more interesting way to enjoy candy than eating it.

Today is Easter Sunday, a day that has become synonymous with a vast abundance of themed candies.  Candies like Peeps and jelly beans may not seem to have a lot in common at first glance, other than their inherent sweetness, but they all share one important feature: they are great for infusing your favorite spirits with unique and delicious flavors!  For this edition of Sunday Funday, we are going to keep things simple, and focus on infused vodkas and white rums, because the clean fairly neutral quality of these base spirits allows you to build complex and interesting flavors that bring out each of these candies.

Peeps VodkaPeeps Vodka

It’s just a simple as any other infusion covered on this site.  Place the Peeps in a mason jar, cover with vodka, and let rest in a dark space for several days (until the flavor saturates the vodka).  Shake the jar daily to agitate the Peeps and keep them releasing their flavor.  Taste test occasionally to see if has reached the sweetness you desire, then strain the infused vodka into a new bottle.


What other Easter candies are worth a try?

Jelly BeanJelly Bean Vodka & Rum

The best part of Jelly Beans is the amazing variety of flavors and colors that they come in. You can make vodka any shade of the rainbow, and for a special treat, try mixing the cocktail classic series jelly beans with the correct spirit!  You’ve got some great new cocktail shots flavored in Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, Mojito, Peach Bellini, Pomegranate Cosmo.  Just don’t forget to sort before infusing, or your flavors won’t turn out as stunning as you may hope.


Lifesaver Gummies VodkaLifesaver Gummies Vodka & Rum

How are these easter related?  Because they are the Bunnies and Eggs edition!  The best part about these little gummies is that not only do they work great with vodka or rum, but after you are done infusing your spirit and strain it into a new bottle, you are left with delicious spiked gummies that have a nice little boozy kick to their original sweetness.  Just be sure not to leave the gummies in much past the three day mark, or you will be left with a gummy slushie rather than infused spirit and spiked gummies.


Hoppin Nerds Vodka

Hoppin Nerds Vodka

These little candies can be a bit of a pain to strain at the end of the infusion process but I felt they were necessary to include as they are one of the few Easter candies that isn’t just sweet.  The tanginess of the nerds actually makes this infusion a lot more versatile in cocktails than all of the sweet infusions listed above.  It can also work as a great palate cleanser after munching on a lot of Easter candy.



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