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Breaking Bad Finale Cocktails or A Shot as Strong as Blue Sky

September 29, 2013 Nick McAfee 0

Breaking Bad’s famous crystal blue meth in the show has many names: Blue Sky, Fring’s Blue, Big Blue, and Blue Magic.  The more important fact is that it is 99.1% pure.  While I would love to make a cocktail that was equally pure, the fact is that there would be almost no room for any flavor.  And of course the other problem is that the strongest commercial spirit, Everclear, is only 95% alcohol.  The solution (no pun intended)?  Make a drink that is 99.1 proof.  I present you with a shot of Blue Sky. The Blue Sky Shot 1 oz Everclear 0.25 oz Peach Schnapps 0.74 oz Blue Powerade This shot is smoothest chilled, so shake all ingredients with ice and pour into a shot glass.  This runs the risk of lowering the proof (it will, there is no way to prevent dilution), but makes this shot burn a lot Learn More

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Sunday Funday: Breaking Bad Finale Cocktails, Part 1

September 29, 2013 Nick McAfee 2

Breaking Bad is ending today and it’s all about the blue crystal. There is no question that everyone will be glued to the series finale of Breaking Bad to find out what happens to all of the characters.  Although Walter and Jesse may focus on meth production, here at Broke & Thirsty the focus is on spirits and great cocktails.  I see no better way to salute such an amazing show like Breaking Bad than with a cocktail.  Or even better, lots of cocktails.  Here are a collection of breaking bad themed cocktails collected from around the web, with more of my own recipes appearing soon. Breaking Bad Finale Cocktails The Walterita from Almost Makes Perfect 1.5 oz Tequila 0.5 oz orange liqueur 1 oz lime juice kosher salt for rimming glasses blue food coloring blue rock candy for garnish The best part of this recipe is the blue ice, Learn More

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Technically Saturday: The Basics of Substituting Cocktail Ingredients

September 28, 2013 Nick McAfee 0

There are few things quite as frustrating as finding a great cocktail recipe only to realize that you don’t have all of the ingredients to make it.  Or that some of the ingredients are so expensive that you will never be able to justify stocking them in your bar.  Lucky for you, many cocktails will not suffer from some substitution if you don’t have an ingredient.  Like many aspects of mixology, experimenting is key after you know the basics. Basic Cocktail Ingredient Substitutions If you don’t have Cointreau, try: another orange liqueur triple sec curacao Grand Marnier Combier cherry liqueur pomegranate liqueur a floral liqueur such as St.-Germain Elderflower Liqueur a spicy liqueur such as Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur If you don’t have maraschino, try: other cherry liqueurs Cherry Moonshine triple sec a floral liqueur such as St.-Germain Elderflower Liqueur a spicy liqueur such as Domaine de Canton Ginger Learn More

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Friday Night Shoot-Out: How to Make a Mind Eraser

September 27, 2013 Nick McAfee 0

There is almost nothing quite like a brain freeze-that cold sudden jolt to the brain after eating or drinking something really cold a little too quickly. Well, put more aptly, there is nothing except the Mind Eraser. The Mind Eraser 2 oz Vodka 2 oz coffee liqueur 2-4 oz club soda lime wedge for garnish (optional) This shot can be prepared several ways. It can be prepared as a layered shot or, as I prefer, a lowball. To prepare as a layered shot, follow the order of ingredients as presented in the recipe, carefully floating each one over top the preceding spirit in a shot glass – just use 1/2 an ounce of each component. As a lowball, add all of the spirits to a rocks glass with ice, stir gently, and top with club soda. You can also go for the layered effect in the lowball, but the ice Learn More

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Ladies Night: How to Make a Moonlit Beachcomber

September 26, 2013 Nick McAfee 0

Since we are still denying that summer has ended and that it is 60 degrees outside, how about a great rum based drink from the vast repertoire of cocktails in the tiki family?  Tiki cocktails have four important traits: they are sweet, spicy, fruity and use rum…a lot of rum.  Basically they are the perfect girly cocktail with enough alcohol to give guys the excuse to drink them.  Today we are going to put a twist on a classic tiki cocktail: the beachcomber. The Moonlit Beachcomber 2 oz light rum 3/4 oz orange liqueur 3/4 oz lime juice 2 dashes moonshine cherry juice garnish with a moonshine cherry & a lime wedge Combine all ingredients and a generous portion of ice  in a cocktail shaker.  Shake thoroughly and pour into a highball glass.  This drink can also be enjoyed as a blended cocktail, if so, blend all ingredients with about Learn More

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How to Make a Caipirinha, or what to make with cachaca

September 25, 2013 Nick McAfee 3

Cachaca is an amazing spirit.  This Brazilian twist on rum is not as sweet as you would expect but has an amazing flavor unlike any other.  While some people like cachaca straight, it is perhaps best in Brazil’s national drink: the caipirinha. The Caipirinha 2 oz Cachaca 1 lime, cut in quarters and then quartered again 1 tbs raw sugar Lime wedge for garnish (optional) Muddle the lime and the sugar in the bottom of a lowball glass.  It is important to cut the lime into small pieces so it is easier to muddle.  Once the sugar has dissolved in the lime juice, top with ice.  Pour in two ounces of chilled cachaca,  I recommend chilling the bottle in your freezer or briefly shaking the cachaca in  a cocktail shaker.  Serve straight or with a garnish. Caipirinha can be translated from Portuguese as “country bumkin” but is actually a drink with Learn More

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How to make an Orange Mango Batida, or winter is coming and I don’t care

September 24, 2013 Nick McAfee 0

There is a bit of a theme here and the theme that is developing seems to be “let’s make tropical drinks, particularly from Brazil, and pretend it’s not cold outside.”  This post is all about showing how versatile the recipe for the Batida can be and how the base spirits can change without a drastic change in flavor. The Orange Mango Batida 2oz Vodka 1 cup ice cubes 4 oz orange juice 1.5 oz simple syrup 0.5 oz lime juice 1/2 a ripe mango, pealed and diced Blend all ingredients together and pour into a highball glass.  The batida is an amazing workhorse.  Rum, vodka, cachaca; batida don’t care.  You can also use a variety of fruits and juices in the batida from coconut to pineapple to passion fruit.  I used Smirnoff vodka for this cocktail and the result was a wonderfully smooth and complex fruity drink where the alcohol Learn More

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The Scientific Differences between Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey

September 23, 2013 Nick McAfee 0

In honor of National Bourbon Heritage Month, I thought a bit of disambiguation would be interesting.  When people think of American whiskey, most assume that Jim Beam (a bourbon) and Jack Daniels (a Tennessee whiskey) are essentially the same product but for a difference in branding.  This is not actually the case.  Bourbon and Tennessee whiskey are indeed unique spirits as indicated by recent research by chemist Tom Collins of University of California Davis.  A interesting sidenote: the Tom Collins is a cocktail but is unfortunately a gin based cocktail; if only his first name was Jack, he would be one of the most aptly named chemist of all time.  Back to the main topic, Tom conducts research on the differences in oak barrel aged spirits and wines and has written an intriguing article published by Smithsonian Magazine.  Tom’s research has concluded that there are 50-100 chemical differences between bourbon Learn More

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The Mango Rum Batida, or drinking in denial of the Fall

September 23, 2013 Nick McAfee 0

Fall is upon us.  No longer should we be drinking sweet fruity drinks with copious amounts of ice.  But I for one am still in complete denial of the fact that winter is coming.  Today we are going to make a Batida, which is Portuguese for “shaken.” The Mango Rum Batida 2oz White Rum 1 cup ice cubes 1/2 cup whole milk 1.5 oz simple syrup 0.5 oz lime juice 1/2 a ripe mango, pealed and diced 1/8 teaspoon salt Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.  Pour into a highball glass and serve.  This drink is straight up delicious and is a bit similar in taste to the Indian drink the Mango Lassi.  This cocktail traditionally uses Brazilian rum officially known as “cachaca,” but bad cachaca tastes like gasoline and good cachaca outside of Brazil is costs premium amounts.  So we will use white rum.  I Learn More

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The 5 Best Emmy Awards Drinking Games, or a great excuse to have fun!

September 22, 2013 Nick McAfee 0

Tonight is the night of the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards, that event where TV’s best and worst gather to have fun and be made fun of.  Lucky for you, there are a number of great drinking games that have been put together for this event and I have taken the liberty of ranking them for your enjoyment. The 5 Best Emmy Awards Drinking Games 1) The Savory’s TV Awards Drinking Game This game is nice and simple, just ten rules.  These rules will likely happen enough to make things interesting, but not so often that the game gets annoying and you get completely sloshed.  A good balance that will be fun to play and you won’t regret tomorrow. 2) Entertainment Weekly’s Emmy Awards Drinking Game This game is by far the most complete of any listed.  The list of rules is extensive and entertaining – the perfect combination.  This is however a Learn More

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