Make Your Own Truffles!

This guest post is by my friend Suz who runs a great blog on cooking the simple pleasures in life called Eating Happily.  The best part of her blog is she understands that you don’t need a full gourmet kitchen to make good food.  In a way it’s the foodie equivalent of Broke & Thirsty with one exception: Suz, unlike me, is incredibly humorous.  Enjoy this great instructional and go check out her blog! 

People shell out the big bucks for fancy truffles at local boutique chocolate shops – but did you know that it’s impossibly easy to make truffles in your own home? Most recipes only call for a maximum of five ingredients that are readily available at grocery stores and most likely already in your kitchen pantry. Moreover, who doesn’t want to serve delectable chocolate-y bites at his or her next party and say: *mock sophisticated accent* “Oh, those truffles there? I simply whipped them up with a few sparse ingredients in my pantry. Just a whim, you know….” *place one-eyed monocle carefully back on and leave mysterious lingering air*

Given some sweetened coconut flakes in my freezer long overdue for attention, I chose to make chocolate coconut truffles! The great thing about these treats, though, is that you can basically make them however you want. Like dark chocolate better than semi-sweet? Substitute it! How about white chocolate or milk chocolate? Same deal. What if you don’t particularly like coconut? Try cookie dough or cake or even banana bites instead! When it comes to truffles, the world is your oyster.



  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk (14 oz)
  • 2 semi-sweet chocolate baking bars
  • 2 cups sweetened coconut flakes
  • 1 tablespoon unsalted butter


  1. In a mixing bowl, pour milk over coconut flakes and combine. Place bowl into freezer for about 20 minutes so that the mixture is less gooey.IMG_3305[1]
  2. Pull mixture out from freezer and with your hands, roll bits of the mixture into bite-sized balls. Place on parchment-covered cookie sheet, and then place back into freezer for about an hour.IMG_3311[1]
  3. Chop up baking bars. Create a double boiler and melt baking bars. Add butter, and stir slowly.IMG_3312[1]
  4. Pull coconut balls from freezer and coat them with the melted chocolate.IMG_3313[1]
  5. Place chocolate coconut balls back in freezer and keep them for about three hours or overnight.

I think next time I’ll add an almond in the center and call them almond joys! (See what I mean about how versatile truffles can be?) Serve these at your next fancy party, and thank me later. 😉

For more great recipes and tips, check out Suz’s blog Eating Happily!

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